Including Your Dog at Your Wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and it is only natural that you may want to include your family pet in the celebrations. This can be in a number of ways, from taking on the all-important role of being the ring bearer to just being present as a special guest. It is important that your dog does not get forgotten in the midst of the chaos and events of the day. We will cover some of the ways you can ensure your dog is happy, yet doesn’t become a burden and demand too much attention.

dog ring bearerIt is advisable to provide a resting area for your pet, that provides a quiet place for him to relax, yet still be close to everything that is going on. This is important because it still includes your dog without forcing him to become overwhelmed by everything happening and all the other guests. The easiest way to provide a resting area is to bring a comfortable bed to lie down on. It is not always practical to bring the existing bed from home, however, there are dog travel beds that will do the job just right and are compact and easy to transport to the wedding. The Ruffwear dog beds are our favourite and being specially designed for travel, include all the features and comfort you would expect from a premium brand.

dog weddingYou will need to provide the basics, which include food and water. It is especially important that your pet has access to clean water at all times and if it is a sunny day this is essential. You should also buy your dog a new toy or bring his favourite toy from home. Chuckit Uk supply a wide range of durable dog toys and there is sure to be something that will appeal to your dog. With these toys being almost indestructible will allow your dog to be left alone with the toy in those times when everyone is too busy to entertain him.

bride groom and dogFinally, if you are lucky with the weather and it is a hot day then it is highly advisable to use a swamp cooler for dogs. This will provide lasting coolness from the heat and help keep your dog from overheating or getting too uncomfortable in the sun. This is especially useful of your dog has a thick coat or is short coated. Believe it or not some breeds of short coated dog are more prone to overheating in hotter temperatures.

Above all else, you can have the perfect wedding and include your dog if you wish to do so. By providing a few simple basics for your dog, he can have an enjoyable day too and be included in your very special day.