Exercise After Birth

It is tough after having a baby, there are all the sleepless nights, worry and then feeling rubbish about the post birth body we are left with. Too make it all worse, it seems like all the other new mothers out there are rapidly losing their baby weight, have no sleep deprivation and even have enough spare time to apply makeup in the morning.

I was so happy after getting married, everything was just perfect, we had a new house, both had good jobs and we were planning a family. Fast forward a year and things are very different. My baby who is now 4 months old, just seems to hate going to sleep. On top of this, the night feeds are making me feel exhausted.

The worst thing of all though was my body, it just wasn’t the same. Now I was never a skinny Minnie, but I was at least confident in myself and wore clothes that would be flattering on my curvy figure. The thought of having this baby fat hanging down on my midriff was depressing, but I didn’t know how to shift it without injuring myself, because my body was not as strong as it used to be.

I wanted a gentle exercise regime that I could keep up with while looking after my baby, so that I could ease back into fitness gradually. I eventually found a 12-week program that would strengthen my core and undercarriage and also introduce low impact cardio training to lose the fat. There is a really good and thorough review that I found helpful, MuTu System Review, which gives a good insight into the mummy exercises.

This was the best thing I could have ever invested in, not only did the weight start falling off, but I felt better, more confident and physically stronger. The best thing was, I could split up some of the exercises to do 5 minutes here or there whenever I found a spare moment. Amazing when my baby is keeping me so busy each and every day.

I like to give my child fresh air and my friend told me that the fresh air does wonders to help aid sleep. I don’t know about that, but it was a good excuse to make sure I went for a nice long walk every day. Pushing the buggy does make it a little less lonely walking and gives me someone to talk to, even though I don’t get much response back.


Since I started the new exercise program I have made amazing progress and after several weeks I have nearly lost all the baby weight. My stomach is still more flabby and fat than it was before pregnancy, but it has noticeably shrunk, which is just awesome. I’m hoping that over the next few weeks it goes flatter, then I will be able to relax again and perhaps start planning the next baba.